Materials Innovation

Our focus on continuous improvement includes researching new materials to help us achieve higher standards in product quality.

As a global market leader in metallurgical development, knowledge and experience, we’re positioned to provide the most innovative exhaust component designs. And it’s our metallurgical expertise and willingness to innovate with new materials that help us develop optimized exhaust solutions that contribute to strong engine performance.

Our materials expertise and capability to produce a multitude of materials, ranging from Ductile Iron to Ferritic and Austenic stainless steels, is a significant strength Wescast brings to our customers. We’re always working with our customers on innovations in materials to provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

We will continue to develop new high temperature alloys to meet ever-increasing exhaust gas temperatures. We will also continue to investigate water cooling as a high temperature solution that provides increased value, reduced weight and significant package improvements.