Fuel Efficiency & Emissions Reduction

We’re revving up to meet our customers’ tightening fuel economy and emissions goals.

Fuel economy improvements and tighter emissions controls continue to be the major drivers of new technologies in the automotive industry. So, we’re always exploring new materials and processes to produce breakthrough products that maximize exhaust component efficiency.

Our goal is to help our customers meet their increasing fuel economy and emissions goals. As a result, we’ve become the leading provider of innovative technology for exhaust manifolds, turbo charger housings and exhaust system components.

Wescast is developing a system to extract waste heat energy from the exhaust stream.

Our customers continue to push exhaust gas temperatures higher but want to avoid the increased cost of reaching these high temperatures. By investigating and implementing a wide range of new technologies and materials, we’re able to offer innovative exhaust systems, including a Waste Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery system that offers competitive advantages to benefit our customers and improve our sustainability.

The modular and compact design of our Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery system ensures low backpressure and low actuating torque. The system extracts heat through a heat exchanger. The recovered energy is used to heat up powertrain fluids, resulting in the reduction of viscous losses and improved fuel economy. This system can warm up the cabin and defrost the windshield faster for increased passenger comfort. It can also be used for battery warming, charge intake heating and de-freezing in diesel application.


Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery system (patent pending)