Wescast Way

The Wescast Way steers our vision, purpose, values and beliefs to provide our customers with operational excellence.

Our Vision

By 2020, Wescast will be a $1 billion global leader using our metallurgical core competence to manufacture components primarily for automotive customers.

  1. Grow our revenue base.
  2. Support our customers globally.
  3. Leverage our core competency developed through our investments in assets and people .
  4. Work with our customers to provide solutions in support of their needs by listening and working collaboratively.

Our Purpose:

To provide our customers with the innovative solutions to help them meet their specific needs, including their need to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Our Values:

  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Forthrightness
  • Empathy & Caring
  • Commitment

Our Beliefs:

  • We must provide a safe work environment
  • We must meet and exceed the needs of our customers
  • Our employees make the difference
  • We must provide a competitive return to our owners
  • We must be an innovative and lean organization
  • We must have a culture that embraces continuous improvement and competitiveness
  • We must have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate by providing quality jobs and by acting responsibly regarding the environment

Operational Excellence will be achieved through:

  • Employment of lean business processes to continually reduce variation and eliminate waste
  • Business processes that are documented, audited and continuously improved
  • Achieving corporate and business unit key success factors and individual goals
  • Achieving targeted performance metrics as shown on our balanced scorecard, measured and audited appropriately with corrective actions implemented
  • Consistent policies and practices