Our mission is to innovate. It’s a promise we make to our customers and employees. And it’s stronger than ever.

At Wescast, we foster an open culture of innovation that encourages collaboration and connectivity. This allows us to leverage the ideas of our entire workforce. We also bring key people together from each location to capitalize on our global interconnections and benefit from the design skills, metallurgic expertise and technical knowledge within all of our worldwide locations.

A cornerstone of our innovation process is our Innovation Council. It was formed in 2010 to steer investments in future projects and to promote our open culture of innovation. The Innovation Council is made up of a cross functional team of influential decision makers to support new ideas, remove any roadblocks and to allocate the right resources to new ideas.

Our emphasis on collaboration at Wescast extends to our customers. By working closely together, we’re able to gain valuable insight and co-develop solutions to address their challenges and meet their continually evolving needs. We also collaborate with our suppliers and become a key partner in developing new materials that are cost effective and provide added benefits.